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Movement & Mobility Coaching - Monthly

$175 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll
Monthly movement & mobility coaching is for those athletes who already have a sport/strength & conditioning coach and program, but are looking to supplement with Quinn Henoch's expertise in optimizing movement quality and reducing risk of injury.

Quinn Henoch, DPT will individually tailor a mobility & corrective program to fit your needs and to work around the strength & conditioning program that you already use.

Some examples of why athletes choose this service (this is an endless list):
  • limited squat depth
  • shifting to one side in the squat
  • shifting to one side in the deadlift
  • inability to lock out over head
  • inability to attain the front rack position
  • improve stride length for sprinters and distance runners
  • improve proficiency in the snatch and clean & jerk
  • hip mobility
  • shoulder mobility
  • ankle mobility
  • etc
You will receive frequent feedback on your movement, training videos, & training quality and will also receive specific recommendations for mobility and corrective protocols - that will be constantly modified based on your progression.

If you are also looking for strength & conditioning programming in addition to the movement & mobility coaching mentioned above, please send an email to quinn.henochpt@gmail.com to discuss. In this case, you will be getting the best of both worlds in the form of comprehensive programming.

Initial Scheduling

The day and time (15 minute blocks) that you choose will be the deadline from which Quinn Henoch sends you your welcome packet and programming. This is not an actual appointment, but simply a reference of time for when your movement and mobility coaching officially begins. Payment must be made prior to this scheduled time.


Fee for movement & mobility programming is $175/month, unless otherwise specified. If you are seeking "comprehensive programming", which is movement & mobility + strength & conditioning, the fee is $257/month. Payment is made via PayPal when you schedule this service, and is a month-to-month automated payment. Information for this will be sent to you in the form of a follow-up email.

As a references to trainers and coaches, the software that is used for programming is Fitbot, which has several amazing features that has made this service possible.

Quinn Henoch, DPT holds a Physical Therapy license in the state of California only, valid for in-person services only. Service that is not performed in-person and/or in the state of California is not considered Physical Therapy by it's legal definition; but rather referred to as Wellness Coaching or Consulting. This service does not serve as a diagnosis of injury or disease, and is not meant to directly treat painful conditions. For such things, consult a healthcare provider in-person, preferably one from the directory on www.clinicalathlete.com
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